Ernst Family Sketches

Letter from J.M. Kern to nephew Philip Ernst

Humboldt, August 5, 1888

Honored Philip,

I want to write you a few lines again. You must excuse me, that I did not answer your letter sooner. Nice that you have written for a second time. We were glad to receive your letter and to find out that you are all well. It is very hot and dry. We have had no rain since the beginning of July. Wheat was in part good, other parts were damaged by bugs. Oats and corn did very well. Milo was excellent, several feet high. Hay is also good. We still have to get half of it in. There is lots of fruit available.

Humboldt celebrated a great 4th of July. They now have two gas wells. The first is 450 feet deep, and the second 600 ft and is supposed to be the strongest well in Kansas. The first is at Rebes (??) bay, Lindsay's mill. The second is located one block north of the public park. Humboldt will have a fair in September. "Let her boom she out to have it." (Direct quote from letter)

We are well, if it just wouldn't be so hot.

With many hearty greetings I will bring this to a close.

Sincerely your uncle.

J. M. Kern

I am adding information on the lives of Ernst family members as it becomes available to me. If you have any information that will help me in this regard, please let me know.

If you have questions about any of the names found here, please contact me and I'll provide you with any information I have.

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