Hurlbut Family Sketches

I will be adding other information about Hurlbut family members as I obtain it. If you have information you would be willing to share, please let me know.

Edward W. Hurlbut

Edward W. Hurlbut was the son of Aeneas and Lucretia Hurlbut. After his birth in Michigan, he spent his early childhood in Niagara County, New York, before moving with his family to Coldwater, Michigan about 1858.

He had an older half-brother, Henry Clay Hurlbut, who was a Wesleyan Methodist minister in Michigan. His younger siblings were Aeneas (Jr.), a prominent businessman in Lincoln, Nebraska; sisters Sarah Hurlbut Fanning and Alice Hurlbut Gorball Delgado, and brothers Charles (a farmer) and George Hurlbut.

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