James Franklin Shortridge Diary

This transcription of the diary preserves the punctuation and spelling as James Franklin wrote the diary entries. The diary was started January 1, 1910, and the last entry was made on July 27, 1910. The transcription was made by Velma Lucille Shortridge, James' granddaughter.

Jan. 1 1910

A happy new year. I am visiting L----- Jones. Me and Harv Jones visited Nathan Jones today I had a good time. It has been clear, warm and thawing today.

Willie Adams (?) went to Richland (?) today visiting and trading. Mrs. Roberts brought Phebey some spair ribs today. Harvey Jones gave me 4.00 for a new year present and Phebey Jones 1.00 for Christmas

Jan. 2 1910 Sunday

It was colder today, did not thaw any. I went to the chapel (?) morning and ----- had a good preaching but no conversions. The people are so indifferent, so cold, like meeting closed Tonight I want to go to Henry Coffins tomorrow.

I have not visited them yet. This ----- wont carry my mail on Sunday. A good thing they are doing.

Jan. 3 1910, Monday

This has been a clear day thawing. A very little colder late this morning. I went to Henry Coffins today. Had a good visit with them. Henry is not very well. He don't seem to talk about religion. I hope and pray that he may get to see different as he is getting old. Jimmy is better so Harvey It surely is getting colder.

Jan. 4, 1910, Tuesday

This has been a cold stormy day. Snow all day and is drifting bad. The roads surely will be blocked and so will the wagon roads. It has been a happy day with us reading and praying praise the Lord. Harve was here. They were shipping hogs today. A bad time to be on the road with stock. ----- are passing in a blinding snow storm.

Jan 5, 1910 Wednesday

It is clear and cold. Not thawing. About 12 inches snow on the ground, west wind. Harvey was here today. Phebey has gone visiting to Roberts. Effie went with her. W. Allen took his children to school this morning. The roads were not broke so the little fellows could get through.

Jan. 6, 1910 Thursday

22 below zero and a west wind bright and clear. I came to Fairfield with Nathan (son) Wiley Allen on the train.

It was due at 9:56 arrived at 2:30 at Went to Pringles, saw Mat a few minutes at her house then went to Nutes found them as usual. Nute and Mary were both out. Leney Catlin was here. I was glad to see her. She is a good Christian ----- Mary was at Margies

Jan. 7, 1910 Friday

16 below this morning, South wind, clear and getting warmer. I am at Nutes yet. Leney Catlin oalled in for a short time. She is very spiritual, God is blessing her. I went to Pringles for a few minutes. They are well. Two deaths in town. I went to Methodist church to. They are beginning a protracted meeting. They have a good evangelist, praise the Lord

Jan 8, 1910, Saturday

Northwest wind still warm cloudy this morning I am waiting for train, no local for 2 days. is to be one today arrives at 11:47, arrived at 1 oclock, got P. Plain 1:45, got dinner at resturant, got a slay ride old P. Plain went to Quaker meeting went home with Lerons stayed all night and had a good bed and a good rest so praise the Lord.

Jan. 9, 1910 Sunday

I went to Lereyes (?) last night and to meeting with them today. I heard a good sermon and they have a good S. School, 104 in attendance today average about 80 last year. I am back to Jimmeys. He seems about as he has been. He may get well. I pray for him every day.

Jan. 10, 1910 Monday

I am at Jimeys yet. We are about as usual Harvey and Nathan were here for dinner. Nathan has letter from Loney Jones he says that Phol is very sick. Nathan talks of going to see his father if he don't get botter soon.

Jan 11, 1910 Tuesday

This is my 78th birthday. I am quite well and hardy. Nothing to complain of plenty to eat and plenty to wear and some work to do for the Lord I have been fully sancetified and converted and definely healed. When I was very sick with grip I am the Lords so praise the Lord and bless his holy name.

Jan 12 1910, Wednesday

I have been visiting Wes Watsons, AIda brought me back to Jimey. He is --------- I think Phebey is well this evening. It has been raining slowly all day seems to be getting cooler we may get snow tonight and then colder- Thols Loney telegram for Nathan to come at once as their father is very sick.

Jan 13, 1910 Thursday

I am at Leroys tonight. Thol Jones died Jan. 12. He is to be burried the 14 at P. Plain. He was 73. Lonie andare coming thru with the corpse. If the day is not to bad there may be a good many out to the burial. Cate Fee was at Phebeys today. She said that we did not pray enough for Jimey

Jan 14, 1910 Friday

Cloudy today thawing a little extra good slaying in the one track. Sleds can hardly pass each other in the deep snow. Thol Jones was burried at the Quaker Cemetary beside the side of Abigail. Some of the children came in. Had a good funeral sermon, preacher by Soper

Jan 15, 1910 Saturday

Another cloudy day. South and west wind, damp. I am not very well today. Mrs. Thol Jones, Lonie and Se.y and and Harkins came in with the corpse. They are here at Jimmeys today will stay here tonight.They are going to Henery tomorrow morning ani to Harveys in the evening. They want to go home next morning

Jan 16, 1910 Sunday

Cloudy threatening rain, Southwest wind. Mrs. Thol Jones stayed here last night. I think she is a good --- She, Loney and Eve went to Henerys Harvey and family were here. We had a good visit with him. The folks will go back to the junction tomorrow. Nathan will take them to Fairfield. They will start from there at

Jan 17, 1910 Monday

I am at Jimmeys. It is cloudy and foggy today, wet and thawing, not very much snow in the road but plenty of so sleding is pretty good. Nathan went to Fairfield with the folks. They will get to the junction after night. W. Allen is bailing hay Whites were after straw today. It was so wet Allen had to give up bailing hay.

Jan. 18, 1910 Tuesday

North west wind bright and clear today. Not very cold. Nathan went to P. Plains and helped Evey with her washing. Phebey is making ------- today. Lee is to come the 20 Nathan said --- William Mary --- and others were coming on Friday. I want to go to Harveys tomorrow.

Jan 19, 1910 Wednesday

A beautiful clear warm day. Snow is going quite fast wind South west. I went to Nathans today had a good visit Harvey Jones was hauling corn today. Meeting going on at Walnut church. They are having cotage prayer meeting this week the young folks are going to Shiviaree tonight the young ladeys go same as the boys.

Jan. 20, 1910 Thursday

A very windy day geting cold and snowing a little not many teams on the road. Harvey finished hauling corn. He sold at 65 to a feeder (?) Some hay is being shiped (?) Willey and Effey went to P. Plain for Lee she is coming to stay a while Other comp are coming tomorDw. Selva Bray is helping Phebey today.

Jan 21, 1910, Friday

Strong west wind and prety cold Nathan went to P. Plain Harvey was here a short time. So Melin Jones is not very good Willie is bailing hay it is so icy Effe could not go to Briton to get her teeth fixed. Quite a number of children were playing on the ice in the road near the house. They seam to have a lot of fun. Jimey was the best tOday he has been at any time.

Jan 22, 1910 Saturday

A nice plesant day. Children skating on the ice in front on the road. Lon F and wife and others here today Aliso were here ------is bailing hay go to ------ tomorrow if it is warmer. Jimmey seams to stil get better. I pray that he ma get well soon. I want to go to Aunt Marys soon. soon I may have to go home.

Jan. 23, 1910 Sunday

A nice day clear and plesant. Phebey and I went to church had a good meeting. no skating on the ice today. We ma go to Harveys tomorrow. Lee and Effie went to Wes Watsons to night. Lee wanted to have a sleigh ride. She don't get a chance in Humboldt.

Jan 24, 1910 Monday

This has been a very pleasant day Jimey Lee and I went to Harveys today had a very nice visit. Harvey came after us in the sled and then brought us home this ----- Harve has a nice house well furnished. He has done quite a lot of tiling He has in about 30000 all emptying into one outlet a 10 inch tile into a cement tank

Jan. 25, 1910 Tuesday

A warm thawing day quite a lot of water on the siding is about done some so and road sides. Sam Williams and his wife were here today. They went to Briton on 6:33 train. The boys and neighbors came in and moved Phebeys hen house. It was not a very hard job. It is a narrow gage car.

Jan. 26, 1910 Wednesday

A windy day, cloudy and damp. Will Allen sold a cow, drove her to Richland Bires sold a lot He went to Richland with Mrs. Alan. Has gone to bail hay today. Jimmey is still better today. Company is all gone.

Jan 27, 1910 Thursday

This was wash day. Nice and clear thawing considerable. Leila was visiting over at the store. Quite a drove of cattle went east. The Bires child is better of the croup. William Allen was bailing straw for some one.

Jan 28 1910 Friday

A cloudy day snow a little west wind. Lee and I went to Watsons to a quilting. Alisons and Ladey and some others there. They got out one quilt out and start another. We are aming to go to Williams tomorrow. Willey is bailing straw today. Watson wants to butcher tomorrow.

Jan 29 1910 Saturday

Another cloudy day. We went to M. Jones today with Wm. Alans had a good visit took a look at his fancy chickens some 20.00 and one 30.00 rooster. He has a big lot of eggs contracted 15 for 5.00 perhaps as many as he will have to sell. I think that a fancy price. I don't want cay now. The country looks good but the building looks old, not painted and untidy looking

Jan. 30, 1910 Sunday

West northwest wind partly cloudy. Lee and I went to Baptist meeting with Wm. Alan and family. Horton Spencer did the preaching. H---- Jones and family were here for dinner. Had a good visit. Two letters from home today. I will answer them tomorrow.

Jan. 31, 1910 Monday

This has been a nice cLear day thawing a littLe Lee was teaching me Christian Scince. I think it is a good thing. I wouLd like to be a practiciner if I understood the scince. I was triming plum trees today and wrote three letters. Harvey was here today. I am going to Fairfield tomorrow.

Feb. 1, 1910 Tuesday

Left Veo this morning for Fairfield. Lee drove over to East P. Plain with me to the station. Train 10 minutes late. I found Mary and Nute pretty well. Marg looks the best I have saw her this winter. I met Mat Pringel on the street. They were well. I bought a speeker(?) and sent to Dulcie, price 25 cents. Saw one of our dear sisters in at Marys. Had prayers.

Feb. 2, 1910 Wednesday

A cLoudy gloomy day. I went up town and got a cabbage for dinner, 4 cents a pound. Nute went to pay for cole he put in the sellar yesterday. Then he went to get shaved. It rained a littLe

Feb. 3, 1910 Thursday

A beautifuL bright cLear day. Nute went to Pleasant PLain. I went to Mats and back lLater. Mary and I went to Mats took dinner with them. Had prayers several times and a good time in general, then we went from there to Margarets. Had prayers and a good spirital meeting. Came back and Jeney was here. She gave me some good advice and prayed for me.

Feb. 4, 1910, Friday

A bright clear day. Warm and thawing. Jeney was in twice today. She said I was the main one to pray for for Mary and not get discouraged. but keep praying. She is here again. She is so full of the spirit. Nute has been tending court. as a spectator. I I got ----- soup. I want to go to Veo tomorrow.

Feb. 5, 1910 Saturday

I came to Veo from Fairfield train late. Got home at 2:30 found the folks well. Jimmey not gaining so fast, tho better. It has been brite and clear today. Mary was quite cheerful when I left her this morning. Said she was going to get well. Nute was in a cheerful mood this morning.

Feb. 6, 1910 Sunday

This has been a fine bright day. Thawing a little I went to Baptist meeting at H------ Grove. Not many out, not many members here. They have a good Sunday School. I went with Willey Allen. Stoped at Nathans for dinner and a visit. Had a good time and a good dinner.

Feb. 7, 1910 Monda

Party cloudy and thawing. The folks were moving today. Harvey Wm. Alison and Nathan and wife helped. Yes and several others. They got everything over and then we all went over, had supper there. Jimmey seems satisfied and is still better.

Feb. 8, 1910 Tuesday

A cloudy day. Some one is shipping hogs today ---cents and eggs 22, Wiley Alan sold his ---------- weight 188 pounds. Lee and Harvey went to Briton. Jimmey seems to be getting better. Selvey Bray is here nights and mornings and goes to school. She is a mighty fine girl. Phebe is not very well. Harveys boy is better today. Lee is going to Watsons today.

Feb. 9, 1910 Wednesday

rite clear day west wind. A card from Oscars all well. May Turnbul was to be married to night to a Mr. Bennett. I am tolerably well some cold and cough. Harvey was here today. His boy is better. Lee was helping Aldas get ready for the wedding. Phebey is beter today. Selva is lively goes to school and works here night and morning

Feb 10, 1910 Thursday

A brite clear still day. Lee washed today. So did Effa. Wm. Allen went to Fairfield today. The folks had a big time seranading May last night. She gave them a good treat so they had some fun and a good treat. the girls go and so do the fathers and some times the mothers Effa is here with the twins, a girl and boy 4 years old.

Feb. 11, 1910 Friday

Cate Free was here today She took the train for Burlington 6:37. She talks of moving there soon. Alen was bailing today.

Feb. 12, 1910, Sat.

Quite cold clear. Leila Wm. Allens and Wm. Jones are going to Alisons Jones to Harveys boy is not very well. Yes Nathan Jones went with the croud to Alisons. I was here at Phebeys Jimey is still getting beter slowly. Phebey is kind of ------ She got 3 eggs toda

Feb. 13 1910 Sunday

A nice clear day. the plesents day and the warmest for a good while. I went to meeting to the chaple(?) a congergation of 14. had a good sermon. Harvey Jones and family were here after dinner. The boy is better now. Phebey is out after the chickens.

Feb 14, 1910 Monday


Feb. 15, 1910 Tuesday

A cloudy day, warm in the morning cold in the evening. We washed today. Alisons and wife were here Leila came with them. Jimey is quiet not much trouble. Selva is here this evening writing and Nathan went after seed corn today. Lee went to Watsons tonight it is colder.

Feb. 16, 1910 Wed

Clear and cool today and getting colder. Leila is here today J.P. came over today. Jimey got new socks today. Harvey is going to Fairfield tomorrow.

Feb. 17, 1910 Thursday

Quite a cold day. Leila went to Nathans. Harvey went to Fairfield today. Aunt Mary came with him to old Pleasant Plain walked all the weigh Nathan is going after her in the morning. Selva is here Jimey surley is better. What will people say about him getting well. ----- said their was no hopes for him.

Feb. 18, 1910 Friday

A clear raw day with South wind. Mary Williams is here she is gaining in health. She left Nute at home. Leroy was here they are well Harveys was here so was Nathan and Henry and Abes. Harvey trimed Jimeys hare today he is still beter. Leila is going home tomorrow. She is a good woman.

Feb 19, 1910 Sat

A South chiley wind. Aunt Mary rested fairly good. Lee started home today on 10:4 train. 40 minutes late. Harvey went to train with her. May and her man was here a few minutes. Mary walked to Lib Whites this morning. Selva went home they report a good meeting today at the Quaker church.

Feb. 20, 1910

It was snowing this morning. There is about 3 inches snow tonight. Lib Whites was here today, Aunt Mary is here today. She is going home in the morning. I am going to start home to Kans. in the morning. We had a chapter read and prayer while Mrs. White was here. She is a good Christian.

Feb 21, 1910 Monday

Left Phebey Jones at 8:25 a.m. went to P. Plain train due at 9:27 arived at 10:30. Mary Williams got off Nute met her at the train. Train in Eldon 11:30 a.m. Seymour 1:45 Lineville 2:30 ALtamont(?) at 5 p.m. It is snowing, train due to leave St. Joe at 8. I was late. I stayed in Hiawatha at the Comercial(?) house. A good.

Feb 21, 1910 Monday

Left Phebey Jones at 8:25 a.m. went to P. Plain train due at 9:27 arived at 10:30. Mary Williams got off Nute met her at the train. Train in Eldon 11:30 a.m. Seymour 1:45 Lineville 2:30 ALtamont(?) at 5 p.m. It is snowing, train due to leave St. Joe at 8. I was late. I stayed in Hiawatha at the Comercial(?) house. A good.

Feb 22, 1910 Tuesday

It is quite cold today wind northwest. Oscar came to Hiawatha after me. Stiley was over today. Geo. McEntire was there to rent the farm. I rented it to him. He is to give me 3.00 per acre for the past. and half of the corn delivered in Willis or Baker. one fourth of the shipping aple(?) in some town. I, O. and Stiley go to sales tomorrow.

Feb. 23, 1910 Wed

Cold today and cloudy. Oscar went to a sale today. They did well made over 5.00 a piece. Nelie is coming home tomorrow. Roush was here to see about buying Oscar's calf. I was over to see Mrs. Stiley.

Feb. 24, 1910 Thursday

Not very warm yet. Had a man to see the farm but did not sell. Nelie came home this morning all well.

Feb. 25, 1910 Friday

Strong southwest wind, thawing a little. The neighbors came in today and brought their dinners and had a big time. Jesey was here with his auto. He and the men went to Horton. It looked mighty stormy.

Feb. 26. 1910 Sat.

It was raining this morning until 12, snowed a little at the same time when it was raining. Stiley was here awhile this morning. Oscar and Nelie had been hard at work packing up their goods so as to move next Monday. Oscar has to be there Tuesday to take charge or to take possesion of the barn and stock.

Feb. 27, 1910 Sunday

A chilly day. Mr. Roads(?) came by to take me to church. I enjoyed the sermon at my request I was taken into the church. I went home with Sammy. Had a good dinner. After dinner we had some --- later. Sammy took me home. They were so kind.

Feb. 28, 1910 Monday

A beautiful morning. This is moving day. --ames are coming to help move. Oscar is going to Powhattan. I will go with him. The roads are good for this time of year. We got here at 1 oclock. Nelie and I got dinner with a neighbor. The men went to the resturant for dinner.

March 1, 1910 Tuesday

n Powhattan a fine day. Oscars income 11-15/ Household goods ok. All over the floor, baby sick. Meat and potatoes by -----4 cents pound. potatoes 90 cents per bushel, milk 5 cents quart. Geo. McEntire stopped and fed his ----. He is not done moving yet. Oscar went and got Hannah to help Nelie.

March 2, 1910 Wednesday

This has been a beautiful pleasant day. I was fixing the coal house for the chickens. I get tired quit easy. Nelie and Hannah are very busy fixing down carpet and putting things in place. Oscar has been very busy today, until 9 p.m. I am tired and sleepy and must go to bed.

March 3, 1910 Thursday

A beautiful bright clear day, so warm have leave the doors open. I got a letter from Mary they are well and sowed oats March 1.

March 4, 1910 Friday

Clear, warm a fine day. I was fixing doors ----- one cost 25 the other 40 without the nobs and 5 cents for a spring put in one. Nelie has my room fixed real nice. It is the best room in the house. She did some washing today for baby. Mrs. ---- came in tonight. Nelie I and Hannah are going up town tonight.

March 5, 1910 Saturday

Another beautiful day. Oscar went to Willis. I have not done much today, nothing to record. Allen Johnson and his wife came in late last night

March 6, 1910 Sunday

North wind, clear and cool. I went to Methodist church. Did not have any sermon. Instead a missionery talk by delegates that had been to Topeka convention. Johnson went home today. Jessie was to see Hannah. He went home with her and brought her back again then he drove home again.

March 7, 1910 Monday

A nice bright day, south wind, a letter from Harve one from Mary Williams. I did the sweeping out the barn this morning. Late this evening it looks stormy. Nelie has gone up town. She was out ------ today. Hannah went to town with Nelie. I hear there was a freight wreck up the road. Our preacher has gone to conference.

March 8, 1910 Tuesday

Another clear day, a little cool, froze last night I have been fixing a pen for Nelies chickens today Mr. McEntire brought the chickens today. We shut them in the chicken house until I get the pen fixed. Oscar has been getting in hay and straw. He has some teams out. I do not know how many.

March 9, 1910 Wed.

Northeast wind, cloudy, snowed a little in afternoon. The folks washed today a big washing, clothes had to be left out overnight. Oscar's income was over 15.00 today. I was fixing the place for the chickens We got 4 eggs today, 6 yesterday A letter from Louise today all well.

March 10, 1910 Thurs

At home in Powhattan a beautiful clear day. McEntires brought out Oscar's cow and chickens I have been fixing a pen for the chickens. There is 29, 1 banty and 2 roosters one hen is dark colored the rest are Rhode Island Reds. Oscar had a good day today.

March 11, 1910 Friday

A bright morning, something perhaps, the dogs got ---meat last night. Nelie took Hannah home today. I rode with them to the Willis road and walked to Willis, 2 miles. I am visiting Brother Henry now. We are having a good visit. The Lord is here with us. Quarterly meeting begins tonight.

March 12, 1910 Saturday

A nice morning I am in Willis at Brother Henerys was at church tonight, it is quarterly meeting. I was visiting around town today. I will stay here another day. I paid in 1.00 in the church today.

March 13, 1910 Sunday

This is a clear day nice and I was at the church This is quarterly meeting. I was at Brother Henrys last night. We had a good meeting today. I came to Bro Wests in their automobile with them I expect to stay with them tonight and go to Roads sail tomorrow. I want to sell my colt at the sail.

March 14, 1910 Monday

I was at Wests last night. Went to the farm and got my colt tuck him to Roads sail sold him for $---. J. O. was there I came home with him The roads are getting good. One of Rodes mare sold for 235.00 or two hundred and thirty five. Hogs and cattle brought good prices. The crowd was not large but good biders.

March 15, 1910 Tuesday

This is another nice morning clear and brite. Oscar went to Fairview. Our Methodist minister moved today. No one yet to fill his place. 7 eggs today. I have been cleaning up the garden a mite dirty mes around here.

March 16, 1910 Wednesday

A clear brite day is getting warmer. I have bin cuting down some trees on the lot where we live and burning brush and weeds. Farmers are getting busy.

March 17, 1910 Thursday

Clearing and brite today warm enough to make garden but the ground is wet. it seems to dry slow here. I have the ground cleaned up ready to plow. I have been writing letters to Iowa today. Nelie went to ----- today.

March 18, 1910 Friday

Clear today. I am going to Nina's on the 5:30 train. She is to meet me in Sabetha. I got to Sabetha alright. Nina and Mrs. Cuningham met me there. They were driving the buck pony I used to have. I sold her to Nina. Sabetha is a nice town and in a good farming country.

March 19, 1910 Saturday

We got to McCoys in good time. The folks seemed glad to see me. McCoy is plowing Galt(?). Ground is rather wet to plow good. Nina and I have been making garden planted onion sets lettuce and radishes and made a pen on one side. If it don't rain we will plant more seeds Monday.

March 20, 1910 Sunday

Clear today. This is Mary's 50th birthday, born in 1860 the dry year in Kansas. I am at Arches today. He hitched up to the carriage and we all took a ride out to look at the country. This is a right good part of Kansas The wheat all dead(?) a lot of ground to go into corn. Arch has a lot of hogs and stears and hogs to fatten(?) and 34 brood sows.

March 21, 1910 Monday

We are washing and have to carry the wash water from Baileys. I did a little more work in the garden and helped to carry water and run the washer a part of the time. Arch was getting ground ready to plant oats and clover. The children have one more week of school.

March 22, 1910 Tuesday

Another brite day I was digging in the garden and helping to plant out some plum trees. Nina helped me. Arch was working at his oats. Mrs. Bailey is having a hard time with her teeth. Nina came with me to Sabetha. I came very near missing the train. Got in time for supper and milling.

March 23, 1910 Wednesday

It was about clear this morning. Nelie has been ironing today. The wind has been blowing horribly today. I sent Nina some seeds and planted cabage seed in a box. Brought and cut one peck of potatoes to plant. Peach buds are showing the red

March 24, 1910 Thurs

Planting potatoes and onions. It is warm. Had a letter from Phebey. They are all well. The ground is good and dry for gardening.

March 25, 1910 Fri

A nice day for things to grow. Bees are humbing in the box elder trees. I planted lettuce radishes beets and onion seed today. I will wait a few days before I plant any more. Eggs 18 cents, potatoes 90 to 1.00.

March 26, 1910 Sat

It has the appearance of rain. I have been fixing the chicken pen today and the grape vines.

March 27, 1910 Sun

A beautiful Easter day. Mr. & Mrs. Roush were here to see me had a good visit with them. No preaching at the Methodist church today. We expect a minister next Sabbeth.

March 28, 1910 Mon

Windy clear and dry. I did not do much today, was writing a letter or two. A 10.00 day for Oscar

March 29, 1910 Tues

A very windy day. I planted some more peas and beans today. The ground is getting dry. I chopped up the wood that was here and am about out of a job for the present.

March 30, 1910 Wed

Cool and cloudy today no rain yet. I have not been doing much tOday.

March 31, 1910 Thursday

A fine brite day. is getting warmer. I wrote a card to Nina, trimmed off a little more brush.

April 1, 1910 Friday

Clear brite day 80 above zero I planted Mrs. Stuarts onions North bound 12:30 passenger changed time today, now goes North at 10:13. Tifney(?) is in town booming ----- Florida land and he wants agents to boom for him. Thilingham began boarding-here today

April 2, 1910 Sat.

Clear today temperature 80 above 0. I have been doing a little work in the garden. Put some sweet corn in a cup to sprout today. Radish are up nicely, so is lettuce and onions, peas beginning to come up. I want to read the bible awhile and get ready to go to S. school tomorrow.

April 3, 1910 Sun

Very windy tOday. I have been to sabathe school. I was well pleased with the S. School. a good attendance and good lessons. I enrolled as a scholar I want to do the best I can. There is to be preaching at the Christian church by Bro. Hawley of Everest.

April 4, 1910 Mon

Somewhat cloudy today and rite cool. I think it will rain before morning. I am at the old farm now as I write. It looks homelike to be here. Front treas are blooming good, so are some of the shrubs in the yard. The folks are not at home here today.

April 5, 1910 Tues

It has been windy and cool rained a little this morning. I stayed at McEntires. I am going to Geo. McEntires tomorrow. He is going to ------ to pay me for pasture.

April 6, 1910 Wed

I was at Geo McEntires last night. They seem to be very clever people. his work very well. last night.

April 7, 1910 Thur

I went to Stileys(?) after dinner and myself and Mrs. W. McEntire went with Stiley to Hiawatha. He was after eggs but they were not there. They are selling eggs to set for 5 cents a peace. I am staying all night with them. The children want to have a lot of fun.

April 8, 1990 Fri.

A fine morning altho it has the appearance of rain I helped Geo plant potatoes until noon. He got all planted that he wanted to plant. After dinner Mrs. Geo. McEntire brought me out home. She brought some eggs with her. She sold them for 20 cents a dozen. It is raining late this evening.

April 9, 1910 Sat.

This has been a brite day. I helped Dr. Stoud(?) finish his fence. Got 75 cents for the job. I have worked some in the yard. Radishes are growing good. potatoes not up yet. Oscar has gone to Hiawatha. I had a letter from Mary Wil[iams. they are cleaning house. One ----- McCoy. They are well have lots of pigs and good garden.

April 10, 1910 Sun

A nice day. I went to S. School and church mornning and evening. Heard a good sermon, Bro Kenst(? seems to be a good preacher. I hope that he is.

April 11, 1910 Mon

This was wash day. We washed and got the clothes about dry when it began to rain so we broght them in it did not rain very much perhaps one half inch. I was writing to W. A. and Phebey Jones Mary Williams I had a letter from her she was cleaning said it was to hard for her.

April 12, 1910 Tues

It rained a little last night and was cloudy before dinner but is clear this evening. I have been making a pen for the setting hens so the laying hens cannot get to them. They break eggs so very bad. Sister Keast came today a nice looking lady.

April 13, 1910 Wed

Nothing to write worthwhile except that it is windy and looks rainy. Planted more radish beets, lettuce beans and peas.

April 14, 1910 Thurs

Pretty windy today threatening rain and colder. Oscar went to Horton.

April 15, 1910 Friday

North wind, cool temp. 54 nearly all day. I was out to prayer meeting tonight had a good meeting I think I will like to go here.

April 16, 1910 Saturday

This has been a cool day one or to degrees above frost, snowed for an hour or two this morning. Wash partly clear since noon but is looking stormy now. It may freeze tonight. I have been in the house most of the day. When I am out to much it makes me cough so hard I think it best to stay in.

April 17, 1910 Sunda

North cold wind with snow at times. Tem 32 this morning, ice in the tub I don't find anything frosted but potato vines I went to church this morning and evening some of the ladies left their hats in the church and went home thru the snow bareheaded. Mrs. Cate Roush came down from her sisters on the 4:30 train and drove home had a good visit.

April 18, 1910 Monday

Cold and windy wind from North temperature 30 ice in the tub some fruit frozen I don't know how much. I have stayed in the house all day. Bro. Halley got Oscar to take him to Baker this morning he goes to Everest. Mrs. Charley Albey was here a few minutes this evening. My garden is not frozen very much

April 19, 1910 Tuesday

I was loafing today.

April 20 1910, Wednesday

Was washing today fore noon. Went to Nina's in the afternoon. Nina was washing took the We took the Trix hog with us and left her there Arch is goinG to ship his cattle and hogs soon He is raising a lot of pigs this year. Their garden looks good that I planted here very early.

April 21st 1910 Thursday

A beautiful day, clear and bright. Nina is not very well. I and Trix were hunting rats today, caught 7 or 8. I got tired and had to quit. Arch was cutting stocks. He is about ready to plant corn now. We came home after dinner. Started at 2, and got here about 5. Drove the little spotted team, a good pair of ponies.

April 22, 1910 Friday

A north wind, a little cold and it is getting dry pretty fast. Nellie went to Sabetha to have some work done on her teeth. She got what work she wante1 done on her teeth. It is getting colder and very windy. There is to be an intertainment at the hall. It is a school affair. Schools here ccose today.

April 23, 1910 Saturday

Cold north wind, 4 degrees of frost, ice in the tub.

April 24, 1910, Sunday

Cold north wind, down to frost mark, no ice. garden not frozen veru much. Ve went to church morninq and evening. Had a good service good attendance quite an interest taken. I hope we may have good meetings all summer. Nellie went tonight. Baby was good.

April 25, 1910 Monday

Cool and cloudy this morninq, but clear and warmer this evening. This wash day and washing is all done. Nellie has gone to Charlie Albeys I went over to see our preacher. He is very kind and good company. His wife is down with a lame back - he thinks she will soon be better.

April 26, 191o Tuesday

Cold north wind this morning, quite pleasant this evening. I was hoeing a little in the garden and made a pen for the hen and little chicken. Cut some limbs off the biq tree on the South to let in more light. Since dinner I was out with the line man. He don't lose any time.

April 27, 1910 Wednesday

A pleasant warm day, about 72 above. I did a little work in the garden, fixed Nellie's flower beds. Oscar went up the road. I stayed at the barn a part of the time. Nellie was plantinq flower seeds, a lot of them. She has been ironing today.

April 28, 1910 Thursday

This has been nice and warm, to about 80 degrees I planted some beans in the corn today. ----- took me to the farm to see the colt. It has sores on its shoulder. I think it will soon get well. I walked to Murphys then to Roushes by 6. Ate supper there.

April 29, 1910 Friday

I was in Willis looking around. Rode out north 2 miles then walked to the school house. saw a lot of old neighbors, had a good dinner. After that came the program which was good, very well rendered. Miss Rhodes is a good teacher. Oscar and Nellie came in time for dinner. I rode home with them in the bUggy.

April 30, 1910 Saturday

It was quite cool this morninq but is pleasant this evening. Nellie sold 13 hens at 11 1/2 cents a pound, amount received for them 7.64. Eqgs are 16 cents today. The suoper at the ME church was a success. We had our first mess of radishes today. The earliest I ever had them.

May 1, 1910 Sunday

A nice sabbeth morning, clear cloudy in the evening. Hail and rain at 8 p.m. We were just ready to go to church when it began to hail and rain. People are rushinq home from church sure some got wet. We have good preaching, the people are very attentive.

May 2, 1910 Monday

We had a big rain last night. The ground is wet and muddy in places. Too wet to work in. Two months with not more than 1 1/2 inch in March and April

May 3, 1910 Tuesday

A nice cool day after the rain and hail. The ground is good and wet. I set tomatoes and cabbage plants today. They may get frosted yet. I did some hoeing today. The garden stuff is growing very slow. The radishes are growing better than most anythinq else in the garden.

May 4, 1910 Wednesday

There was a heavy frost this morninq. Got up near 60 later in the day. It has been pretty cloudy. Anna Bennett came in on the 4:30 this evening. We expect to start to Bennetts tomorrow. I went out and qot the cow by myself.

May 5, 1910 Thursday

It is raining this morning. Anna came last evening, we are gettino ready to start this evening. Oscar and his man are both out in the rain with their teams. We are ready to go at 4:30. It is still raining. As we go to the station. Raining at Horton, raining at Topeka, dark when we qot there.

May 6, 1910 Friday

Leavinq Topeka at 12:05, still raining hard. We had 4 hours to wait in Topeka, rain until 7 in the morning. A part of the time very hard. At 8 stopped at Caldwell, 25 minutes for breakfast. It has quit raining, looks dry out in the fields. We got to Foss? at 4:50 Pearl and Wes met us there. All are well. We got to the house at about 6.

May 7, 1910 Saturday

I had a good nights rest. We are having a good visit. My health is, I drink rain water, don't want to try their well water. The folks have a good place here. Corn is planted - the bous are plowing it. 200 growing chickens, a lot of young turkeys. Some are cuttinq alfalfa. It has been frosted once or twice. Peas about large enough to eat.

May 8, 1910 Sunday

Bees swarming. This is a bright Sunday morninQ here in Oklahoma at Bennetts, 6 miles out from Foss. A whole lot of us went to church today one mile to the school house where they had Sunday school and preaching every sabbeth. The people seem to be very attentive. When we got home the bees had swarmed and were hanqinn on a limb low down - another came and set with them, hived all together.

May 9, 1910 Monday

Was making bee hives and transfering them from a box into a near hive. They were very quiet and gave no extra trouble. Pearl and I went to Foss after dinner. It is a small town, has had several fires. It has two banks, several stores, farmers are plowing corn, some will not be done, some are planting cotton, mostly on thin land.

May 10 1910 Tuesday

A pretty stronq South wind - it has the apperance of rain. We made one behive and ----- Pearl has gone to Foss, This evening it is so warm I am not at work. Leila is out after scholars to teach music. Some of the young folks are going to singing school. There is not one of them that can sing now.

May 11, 1910, Wednesday

Pearl went to Foss today. I went fishing today. Caught 4 good sized fish in the river. Sam and Clarence did not catch any, although they fished where I did or nearby. The boys are plowing corn. The corn seems to be growing and has a good color. I would think it was so dry and sandy it could not grow.

May 12, 1910 Thursday

Pearl went to Foss to the Doctor to take treatment for his back. The singing teacher boys and I were fishing in the river. I got tired and came home. Teacher caught one small fish. The boys and I none. I was making sUper for the bees in the afternoon. The girls were hunting wild onions. Got two quarts. They were green. yet. Fish for supper.

May 13, 1910 Friday

Cloudy and cold. Jimmy was planting kaffir corn Bennett went to see the Doc. Sammy was fishing, caught one small fish and one that weighed near 5 pounds. It was a catfish. I did not get any today, was getting plants. It has rained a little and ----------- more. We have plenty of beans and lettuce and some peas.

May 14, 1910 Saturday

It has been raining slowly today. The boys went to Foss got fish poles and lines, one trout line 100 feet long. Pearl is around the house. He is not very well. The young folks have gone to sing. We did not fish any today. I had a letter from Anna dated the 6th it was snowing a little, had radishes almost large enough to eat.

May 15, 1910 Sunday

It was raining lightly all day. No preaching today or tonight on account of the rain. Some young men were here and also some young ladies. The rain has made corn and other crops start to grow. It is quit cold at night. I want to go home next week or as far as Chanute.

May 16, 1910 Monday

I worked a short time on bee supers. Pearl and lucas went to Foss this morning. Pearl was planting melon eed today. The boys are planting kaffir corn seed. Pearl has in some cotton. I do not know how many acres. The little boys are fishing. The river has been rising today. The currant is very rapid since the rise.

May 17, 1910 Tuesday

The bees swarmed today. I put two swarms together in one hive before night. I found a dead queen in front of the hives. Pearl and I made one new hive. I worked some in the yard. The grown is in good condition to work but is so cold vegitation don't grow much. Oats is very short.

May 18, 1910 Wednesday

This is washday here at Bennets and big job it is. I did the machine work. The qirls did not do much at the washing. The boys are plowing they want to cut alfalfa as soon as it clears up a little. Leila was teaching some today. Today I went to the river fishing but did not get a nibble.

May 19, 1910 Thursday

A pretty bright day. I made a bee hive today. The singing teacher was here last night. Lelia and Laurence went to Foss. Lela to take music lessons and Laurence to get bathtub, and some machinery. It is getting warmer. It has been so cold. Louise has 90 turkeys and 250 chicks a lot more hens setting.

May 20, 1910 Friday

The boys are cutting alfalfa today with two machines. Laurence broke his before they got done but James finished the field. Perle went to Foss. I was making a bee hive.

May 21, 1910 Saturday

The bees swarmed today, rather a small swarm. North wind, at times Northeast. It may rain tonight. The boys were shocking hay today. They went to the river to bath. Laurence said that he could feel a big fish with his foot but the water was to deep to catch them. I was hoinq in the garden today.

May 22, 1910 Sunday

A rainy day, not hard rain but is wetting up the ground pretty good. A letter from ---- 18. It is wet and cold. They have got moved into their sodey. They are not done planting yet. Said they had their first radishes the 16th. We did not have any preaching today. The girls were at home all day.

May 23, 1910 Monday

A cloudy morning, about clear later in the I was hoeing in the garden. Perle and the little boys were chopping weeds all day. I tried fishing again today but did not get a fish. I wrote to Nellie today and to S. E. Egan? I got a letter from Anna Ford- all well the 18th.

May 24, 1910 Tuesday

This was wash day and a nice bright day. I worked the washer and Mary did the balance. The girls do the housework. Lela is teaching music on the piano to two young ladies. I did some work in the garden planting bean, beets and peppers. Perle has to plant over his some 30 or 35 acres, bad seed or the weather was wrong.

May 25, 1910 Wednesday

Went fishing did not get a nibble. Perle and the small boys are cutting weeds. The pump man was out to put in a cistern pump and bath tub. The boys are plowing and planting cotton. It has been a fine day, bright and clear.

May 26, 1910, Thursday

It is bright and clear. The boys were plowing this morning, later they were putting up alfalfa hay, 15 or 20 acres. Alfalfa 2nd crop is doing good. Corn is growing fast. Perle will plant new potatoes next week. --- today Mary is one of the had supper at the ---------- the 6 oc train for Clinton got there all right.

May 27, 1910 Friday

Stayed in Clinton last night is raining this morning. Took the hac for the Trepo. Fair to Hobert 73 cents. took the hac for the -------- went to a resturant and got my breakfast then the train for -------- did not find S. E. Erwin in town He said he was coming after me so I am waiting for him now.

May 28, 1910 Saturday

This is a beautiful bright day. I am at Erwins and having a good rest and a good visit. The seemed glad to see me. Myrtle is teaching, school closes Monday. Erwin is sewing alfalfa today, bradcast and harrowing it once. He has a good place a good lot of fruit trees bearing, will have plenty early cherries, nearly gone, I qot plenty to eat off the trees. Blackberries ripe and a few days. Peaches three weeks.

May 29, 1910 Sunday

This has been a bright clear day. S. E. Erwin drove out to show me his stock. He has 30 cows and heffers and 6 calves one white faced bull. The cows are all grade herefords. He showed me some farms the best are worth 8 to 10,000. One near him a right good place for 3500. I have all the berries I can eat. They are nearly gone. Blackberries beginning to ripen.

May 30, 1910 Monday

A beautiful day. I am still at S. E. Erwin. We are having a good time. This was the last day of Myrtles school. She arranged to have a dinner. The patrons came in with clothes baskets and tubs full and had a good dinner and music and good talk. This is as fine a looking country as I ever saw. Crops good not bad to blow, water plenty, soft good.

May 31, 1910 Tuesday

A fine day. S. E. is harroring in alfalfa Myrtle and ----- has gone to the school house to get ready for the last day. To get ready for her intertainment - it was their last nipht It was a grand success.

June 1, 1910 Wednesday

I left S. E. Irwins this morning 6:45. He drove over with me to ----. I left on the 9.00, 6 a.m. ticket to Oklahoma City, 1.48 dinner at Elreno 40 cents, hack to Katy depot .50 Had to wait for the 1 p.m., fair to Chanute 5.95, got there at 7 a.m. June 2. Tired and sleepy, folks all well. They had given me up.

June 2, 1910 Thursday

Got to Chanute this morninq at 7 a.m. tired woren out and sleepy, found all the folks all well, they had about Ashley St. Will has about 400 young chickens, has only 2 dozen hens - he has a job of work --- and are here. He looks all right.

June 3, 1910 Friday

It is partly cloudy this morning. I went down town to where Will was at work on the street. Saw John More, he was at the ----- He looks quit well, some good business hours on Main. I got two boxes S.berries, 15 cents each, shoe polish 10 cents. I will not try to see the town today. Wrote Oscar and Nina cards.

June 4, 1910 Saturday

I was not well last nipht, but am feeling much better this mornging. I have stayed in all day Will was after chick today his chicks have been crying all day. It is cold and wet. Jo is baking.

June 5, 1910, Sunday

W. H. and I went to hear the Salvation army morning and evening did enjoy hearing them so much. I did not go at night. This is a right nice town. The streets are well paved business seems pretty good. I have not the strength to tramp the town over so will not get to see very much this time.

June 6. 1910 Monday

Still at Wills. I have not been out in town very much. Had strawberries today. There seems to be considerable business going on it has been raining some today. W. H. was sp -- sand in the afternoon Jack More was helping him cecil and Okley and I went to the picture show. It was new to me a curosity I don't want to go any more.

June 7, 1910 Tues

A wet rainy day. W. H. finished unloading his car of sand between showers. He did not get home until about 5 in the evening. His chickens have kept up a big fus all day they are in boxes on the porch. He is having good sucess with them Cecil went fishing today but did not catch but one little fish.

June 8, 1910 Wed

A damp day clouds most all day. I went down town met Jack Moore went to visit his sister and got shaved, went ---- for dinner, had chicken for dinner. We went to the train. Train late left part ---- at 2.45 p.m. Found the folks waiting for me at the depo. Streets are much --- all are well.

June 9, 1910 Thur

I am here in Humboldt a town of 2000. Lee has a nice home and fine looking family. A. E. Curry. I have been walking about town. It is a right good town. We are going to the picture show tonight. It is hard on the eyes I don't go any more a waste of money and time.

June 10, 1910 Friday

It has been cold and cloudy today. Mr. Mathias took Miney and I to the cement plant. He showed us all through the works and explained it to us It is simply emence, 30 car loads are made and shipped each day 6 ovens for burning run day and night. The whole thing runs day and night and Sunday too.

June 11, 1910 Sat.

A clar bright day. Mr. ----- took us in his auto out east and then south corn is late and weedy. This is not very good corn country but is noted for oil gas and cement rock, rock rock euery where some of the roads have broken rock on them from 9 to 12 inches thickness at the coast of 35 cents a yard for the rock.

June 12, 1910 Sunday

Clear and bright today. The girls went to church today the rest of us are at home. went to see the ----- catholic church. Today it was rainy so we came home. we have been having a good visit today as we were all at home. Strawberries for dinner. The girls have gone to church. They had company to go with them. Mr. Curry was here this evening. We talked Christian Science.

June 13, 1910 Monday

We had a beautiful day Mr. A. E. Curry gave me a card to call on Mr. Harry Boneless(?) Topeka. I called at his office but he was not there. The folks at Humboldt (?) gave me a good time and a fairwell. Mr. Curry came with me to Iola crops are very poor along the road. I stayed over night at Topeka. Had a good night and a good rest.

June 14, 1910 Monday

Clear and warm. Ate breakfast in Topeka after a good nights rest. Left Topeka on the 7:55 train for Horton got out 20 minutes late got to Powhattan a few minutes late found the folks well except Velma she has the measles I was glad to see the folks and guess they were glad to see me. I have been hoeing in the garden.

June 15, 1910 Wednesday

A nice clear day. I was hoing in the garden. John Hines was a ----. He is going to go West to harvest his wheat then to Okla. in his otoe (auto?) She will go with him in all trip of 1500 miles. Oscar went to Horton today he is going to have phone in the house. Peas and potatoes, tomatoes for dinner.

June 16 1910 Thursday

A bright day south wind. I was home writing letters. I had so many to answer. Had new potatoes for dinner been having peas tomatoes str blooming. My eyes are better than they have been for years. I don't know how long Christian Science did it praise the Lord I read it every day. I am praying for a better understanding of Christian Science.

June 17, 1910 Friday

A bright clear day, finished hoeing potatoes today plenty of potatoes to use. Oscar is driving his team hard today one is making over 50m (?) another almost as much. He got a case of strawberries today. Fish for dinner, lots of wind.

June 18, 1910 Saturday

Another bright day, warm no wind, temperature 90s I was writing letters today. wrote 8 pages to Mary Lonel and wife are out on a visit so is Leonard and Lady. Another case of strawberries today. Peas for dinner and potatoes.

June 19, 1910 Sunday

Nearly clear, warm temperature about 88. We had a good rain last night. After a week of good corn, the corn is looking good. I waS at church today. We had strawberries for dinner. I was out to church tonight. Nellie was out her and the baby (Velma) too were taken into the church by letter.

June 20, 1910 Monday

Another bright day, temperature 90. Corn is growing fast. I have the garden hoed good We have fine potatoes. I went to Hiawatha today stayed all night at Neffs, had a good visit with them. I saw a lot of old ----. I was glad to see them. Orville McEntire went to Reserve today.

June 21, 1910 Tuesday

Another clear warm day, 90s. Corn will surely grow fast. I came home today, came to Baker and Oscars man met me. I have been at work in the garden planting sweet corn. I planted corn, beans and some bunch beans. Boy kicked with a horse out at B------

June 22, 1910 Wednesday

It is still pretty warm, altho not quite as warm as it has been. The men have all gone and left me to take care of the barn. I gathered peas and hulled part of them. helped the preacher with a swarm of bees got stung two or three times. I mowed the yard with the lawn mower.

June 23, 1910 Thursday

A nice bright day, temperature near gO. I ordered Leila Mathias to send me a Christian Science book 3.00 (?) I also sent Mary Bennett 4.00. I then went to cleaning up ----- in trimed some trees and cleaned pavement in front and did some mowing. I went to church that is prayer meeting, not many out.

June 24, 1910 Friday

Another hot day. The lady ----- me at the church to do some sewing. Lady aid I believe Nellie was there. Stayed home and did some reading and did not do much work got my own dinner Lilingham and Oscar went to the resturant for dinner.

June 25, 1910 Sat.

It is not quite so warm today but is sultrey and cloudy. We had our first mess of beans today. Peas almost gone not many farmers in town today. Hiawatha is getting a little wild on baseball They all closed their stores to go out and see the boys play it. rained north but not here.

June 26, 1910 Sunday

It rained quite hard last qvening to the depth of 1 1/4 in. it is quite muddy not very many out today to church. quartely meeting in two weeks I was at church morning and evening. It was a little dark but I got home without any trouble had a very good serman.

June 27, 1910 Monday

It has been pleasant today. This was wash day we got through before eleven oclock. It has not been very warm today. The clothes dried nicely not much wind, corn and beans I planted are coming up. Corn in the garden is silking out now. beets are not growing much tomatoes doing good.

June 28, 1910 Tuesday

This has been a very pleasant day, a good day to work. I haven't very much to do that I can do. Oscar brought ~ cold here today from the farm. He is looking good except the lumps on his shoulders A swarm of bees in the farm house.

June 29, 1910 Wednesday

This has been a warm day. I have not done much today, did a little lawn mowing. Oscar and Nellie went to Hiawatha with Mr. Prague in his auto. Mrs Powers came home today Oscar brought my colt over from the farm yesterday.

June 30, 1910 Thursday

Cooler today, a very pleasant day to work. I hoed the garden allover before dinner. After dinner I was mowing in the yard with the sythe. I got it off the --------. Helped Nellie get the weeds out of her flowers. I did not go to prayer meeting. The people are so different from he Wesleyans, no freedom to talk or testify.

July 1, 1910, Friday

Temperature 88 in the shade. I have not worked today but very little. I have been praising the Lord and praying for dear ones in Iowa. I feel as tho I must testify more. I fear I don't say as much as I should.

July 3, 1910 Sunday

A nice day, bright and clear. Mr. Ed Idol and family and Weathers family was here. He took us a ride in his car to ------ crops are fairly good. Mr. Idol punctured a tire. I went to church. We had a mighty fine serman both morning and evening.

July 4, 1910 Monday

Bright and clear. Everyone seems to be happy The firecracker with its noise is here and the boys are happy. Nellie and I went to Sabetha to celebrate. There was a big crowd lots of noise. prade was good enough. Saw McCoys folks they are all well. It is a tiresome place for me

July 5, 1910 Tuesday

A fine warm day. I have not been working much today. It has been pretty warm today. I was in Smith yard a short time doing potatoes. Oscar did not get all teams out until one oclock last night. This has been a dull day for him. We are fixing to wash tomorrow

July 7, 1910 Thursday

We had a rain last night and a lot of wind. It blue down our sweetcorn and broke some of it off. We are having cabbage and beans plenty I was mowing for Mrs. Powel today. I got tired and quit for today

July 8, 1910 Friday

Quite warm today. Nellie has gone to Hiawatha for a weeks visit. I was mowing for Mrs. Powel She has a nice place a good house well up off the ground. Oscar teams have been busy today The ----- weed burner went up the road today. Mrs. Powell paid me 1.25 for work.

July 9, 1910 Sat.

Bace bale is the principal biss.

July 10, 1910 Sunday

A brite day. I went to church morning and evening. It was quarterly meeting.

July 11, 1910 Monday

Oscar and I took my colt and his horse to Mc Entires and put them in pasture. Oscar brought the colt from the pasture June 28.

July 13 Wed. 1910

It was pleasant this morning, quite warm at noontime. I was fixing a box for a refrigator(?) Two hens of --- 15 chics I have them to shut the other up. Apple Baley is here in town. He is offering 1.50 a barrel for Jonathins. Business is very good.

July 14, 1910, Thursday

It rained this morning one in. it will do the growing crops a lot of good. A lot of hay got wet. They are shelling out the corn in the big crib across the track. There was not any prayer meeting tonight. Oscar went to Hiawatha with Oske Prague

July 15 1910 Friday

A pleasant day. Cabbage for dinner potatoes stewed apples for supper, yes and pork chops for dinner. Farmers are very busy in haying and oats harvest. I am not doing much but doing the housework and look after the chicks.

July 16, 1910 Saturday

Nice warm sunny day. I don't have much to do but cook and wash dishes. I moped the floor. It looks better.

July 17, 1910 Sunday

It was 84 at 2 oclock. At 3 or 4 it rained a little shower and was cooler after that. I went to church morning and evening had a good preacher. Had beans for dinner, no one here but Oscar and myself for dinner. Nellie not here yet.

July 18, 1910 Monday

A cool day 60 in the morning mostly clear. Nellie came home this evening. Her and baby (Velma) are well. I had supper ready for them. Dilingham did not eat any dinner or supper he says his head is hurting him very bad.

July 19, Tuesday, 1910

Another cool day 58 this morning partly cloudy today. Nellie is cleaning house today. I worked some in the garden. We had our first mess of sweet corn today. Dilingham went to Fairview to get glasses they cost 5.00. Peaches today.

July 20, 1910 Wed.

Cool, a good day for work. Cloudy this morning. clear later in the day. Kate Roush went up to her sisters. Chicken today for the first corn and beans for dinner.

July 21, Thur. 1910

We washed forenoon. Oscar got home, his oil tank fixed a place for it in the barn, and set it up. It was pretty warm this evening. Cleaned up my clothes with gas. I went home with Mrs. Roush stayed the night had a good visit.

July 22, 1910, Friday

A damp morning, rained a little. I walked over to the farm. Stopped in at Murpheys a short time out of the rain, then walked on. It was not muddy. Got to Georges for dinner. The old place looks natural. Some weeds, lots of apples.

July 23, 1910, Sat.

A nice warm day. I was making sidewalks in the afternoon. Went to Hiawatha after dinner with the folks. There was not many people in Hiawatha today. We did not get home until night. I stayed at Georges.

July 24, 1910 Sun

This is a warm day. I did not go to church today, went to St ----- a little while. He was alone, she and children had gone to town Then I went to ----- McEntires before dinner Stayed until near night then went to Stileys and stayed all night

July 25, 1910 Monday

Hot today. I was out home on the farm. So warm I did not do much. George was mowing in the road in the fore noon and helping Will in the hay after dinner.

July 26, 1910 Tuesday

Another hot dry day. I got Georges horse and buggy drove to Powhattan in the morning. Painted Dilinghams buggy wheels in the evening. He gaoe me 40 cents for doing them.

July 27, 1910 Wed.

Temperature a --- as it has been, getting dryer but corn is doing good here North of Hiawatha it is real dry. Temp. in Okla. 111 one day.

End of diary.

From the back of the J.F. Shortridge diary

Name Town
H. C. Jones Veo Iowa
Lerey Coffin Pleasant Plain, Iowa
Eva Allen Veo Iowa
Phebey Jones Veo Iowa
Mary E. Williams Fairfield, Iowa
Margaret Long Fairfield, Iowa
Mat. Pringle Fairfield, Iowa
M. E. Bennett Foss, Okla.
Anna Ford Lakin, Kansas
Emma Wallace Wabash, Indiana
Loney Jones Pacific Junction, Iowa
Mrs. Nellie Jones Pacific Junction, Iowa
W. H. Shortridge 418 S. Ashley (or
Ashbey) Chanute, Ks.
Van Eaton (???) Ft. Cobb, Okla
J. J. Erwin Wellston, Okla
. . Cooper Chanute, Kansas
Oscar Shortridge Hiawatha, Kansas
Hervey Jones Veo, Iowa

Letters Received and Written
Rec'd Name Answered
Jan 5 Emma Wallace Jan 5
7 Mary Bennett 10
10 Anna Ford 13
4 Dulcy Ford 13
Nina McCoy 14
Mary Williams 10
Anna Ford 13
Mary Bennett 16
Nellie Shortridge 19
w. Coffin 20
20 J. O. Shortridge 23
24 Mary An Williams
24 Nellie Shortridge 25
28 Shortridge 31
29 J. O. Shortridge 31
Feb. 5 J. O. Shortridge 5
5 M. E. Bennett
March 7 H. Jones
7 M. Willians
7 A. Ford
Margaret Long 7
Keith Mathias 7
8 L. Bennett
14 Phebey Jones
Anna Ford 16
16 W. Coffin
Anna Ford 16
Mary Bennett 16
M. Williams
P. Jones 17
11 Anna Ford 18
Mary Bennett 16
M. Williams
P. Jones 17
11 Anna Ford 18
Mary Williams 18
20 P. Jones
H. Jones 27
Miss McCoy

J. F. Shortridge Hiawatha, Kansas, Brown Co. A Farmer

Personal Characteristics
Weight 130 pounds on Jan 1, 1910
Height 5 ft. 7 1/2 inches
Size hat 7
Collar 15 1/2
Shoes 7 1/2
Shirt 15 1/2

If you have questions about any of the names found here, please contact me and I'll provide you with any information I have.

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