Freienmuth, Ernst, Shortridge, Weathers

This site covers the family genealogies of my father and my mother - four surnames Freienmuth, Ernst, Shortridge and Weathers, with many collateral branches, and is an effort to get all the information I have about my ancestors out where other family members may see what is available.

Our cousin, Alma Freienmuth Russell Bedingfield, started the process by collecting the available materials and record into a booklet prepared in 1947 which she thought would be of interest to the grandchildren of the first generation of Freienmuths who came to America. She made personal observations, looked at notes left by William (Adam Wilhelm) Freienmuth of Tonganoxie, Kansas, and obtained much information from a book written by Gottleib Amstein, a minister at Wigoltingen, Switzerland, and published at Weinfelden in 1892. The book is called "Die Geschichte von Wigoltingen" (The Story of Wigoltingen) and is the history of the Swiss village in which some of the Freienmuths lived and where the first known record of the family is found. The "Stambaum" or family tree was a translated copy of one supplied by Edward Freienmuth of Texas about 1904 and which was later brought up to date as far as possible.

My father, Emil Jacob Freienmuth, added information to that prepared by Alma and, following a Freienmuth family reunion in Keystone, Colorado in 1977, he and my mother, Velma Lucille Shortridge, began the process of searching out her roots. I've updated the information they added to the family trees with information from many cousins and others whom I've contacted. I've documented the sources I have, and am in the process of locating other sources.

If you have questions about any of the information here, please contact me.

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